At, we’re continually adding new and exciting compostable products from suppliers across Canada, the U.S., and Europe. While you can find most of these items on our store and in our catalogue, we have many more items available that we don’t list among our regular products, but that we can provide to you via special order!

Here you will find a few examples of some of our special order items; for more information about these items or to ask us about something else that you’re looking for, just get in touch with us - we’ll be happy to help!


Compostable Face Mask

This non-latex, single-use face mask provides ASTM F-21000 level 3 protection, a high level of filtration when worn correctly, and is in the process of being certified compostable as well!

Simply remove the ear loops and nose tab, and the mask can go into your compost bin. 

Two colours - white or black available


50 masks per box

Made in Canada!

Compostable Mailers

It’s official: E-Commerce is here to stay! More and more retailers are choosing compostable materials when it comes to packaging their clients’ orders, and these compostable mailers are perfect for the job! Use these mailers along with our stickers and tape, and presto, your packaging is compostable! 

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Compostable Stand-Up Pouches

There’s a reason you see stand up pouches everywhere these days: They’re excellent for packaging all kinds of retail food products, from fruits and nuts to coffee and tea.

Not all products need the same level of protection, so we offer a range of compostable pouches to accommodate them all properly, depending what you produce and what the required conditions are. 

Some products are less sensitive to oxygen and moisture, so you’ll only need a standard pouch. Others, like tea, nuts, and coffee require a stronger vapour barrier and valves to keep them as fresh as possible, and we’ve got those too. 

We’ve even got pouches for frozen food products!  

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Compostable Stickers

Ever tried to find 100% compostable stickers? It’s not easy, we know! From the material used - down to the ink and the glue - our products are certified compostable, and exclusively offered in Canada by!

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Autocollants compostables personnalisés


Compostable Kraft Ice Cream and Soup Containers

This stylish, fully compostable kraft container is the kind of packaging that can really make the impression you want your brand to have. Quality construction? Check. Kraft brown colour that shouts ‘Eco-Friendly’? Check. 100% Compostable? Check!

Exclusively offered in Canada by!

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Compostable Produce Trays (a.k.a. Punnets)

From farmers markets to CSA baskets and grocery stores, styrofoam and plastic trays are being replaced by these beauties, made from paper pulp - and as always 100% compostable.

Compostable Mesh Produce Netting (cellulose)

Exclusively offered in Canada by, this mesh netting is poised and ready to take the place of the plastic netting commonly used for bags of onions, avocados, and garlic, among others.

100% compostable, and exclusively offered in Canada by!